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Concept Unlimited On Line Demos

2D Drafting and Drawing Composition

Demonstrates how the sheet tools in Concepts Unlimited can be used to automatically generate engineering drawings of an assembly, including the creation of section and detail views.

Modeling Tools

Blend Challenge (1.5MB)

A challenging blend used to test support for degenerative blends and interacting features.

Associativity and Feature Based Modeling Tools

Widget Demo (7.5MB)

Demonstrates how associativity can work between a curve, surface, and solid features. Also shows a simple feature reorder operation.

Extreme Modeling Tools

Demonstrates stretching curves, surfaces, and solids.

Twist (1.9MB)

This example shows twisting of curves, surfaces, and solids.

Twist Region (2MB)

Demonstrates regional twist feature operation. Also shows blending and shelling of the resultant twisted body.

Bend (1.2MB)

Bends a wing tip.

M&M Stretch and Twist (16.3MB)

Stretch and twist an ellipsoid. Applies feature operations on resulting body such as holes, elliptical and variable radius blends, and a variable length chamfer.

NSided Filling/Capping (1.4MB)

Fills a tangent continuous cover surface to a interesting N-Sided collection of surfaces.

Sphere To Heart (4.9MB)

Push and pull on the control vertices of a sphere, turning it into a heart.


Interoperability Solutions

Imports a collection of DXF and DWG files, including the embedded ACIS surface and solids. The watch demo also shows feature operations and subsequent 2D drawing generation from the original DWG part.

Imports an IGES file and heals the surfaces into a solid. Then performs several local face operations and features upon the IGES part.

New in 2.0!

Curve Filling (628k)

Creates a tangent continuous spline between two curves. Not limited to planar curves.

Perpendicular WorkPlanes (532k)

Shows how to quickly and easily set the work plane perpendicular to any curve using snaps.

Creates a temporary snap point for alignment purposes.

Drag and Drop PRO/E files into Concepts. Supports Mac and PC!

Demonstrates how the Print By Layer tool along with Model to Sheet can be used to create a PDF design book.

Demonstrates two features in the Model to Sheet (3D to 2D) tool. First shows how each part in an assembly can create one sheet per part. Also shows the new Best Fit option for finding an optimal scale for each sheet.

Concepts v4 (Universal Binary) Released

Punch Acquires CSI

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