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Integrated Modeling, Drafting, and Rendering
Concepts Unlimited is the industry’s first modeling application totally focused on conceptual and preliminary design for those requiring precision content. Concepts Unlimited is a full featured package uniquely positioned to provide solutions that address versatile modeling practices, photo realistic rendering and animation, advanced surfacing, and precision drafting capabilities all within one seamlessly integrated package.

Versatile, Intelligent Modeling Methods
Concepts Unlimited supports an integrated collection of 2D, 3D, surface, and solid modeling tools. You choose the tools or combination of tools you need for the task on hand. Notable tools include numerous spline creation and modification commands, seventeen surface construction methods, blending, chamfering, shelling, stretching, twisting, bending, and local face operations. All modeling operations transparently support associativity for rapid design iterations.

Drawing & Annotation Capabilities
Concepts Unlimited can automatically create precise wireframe and hidden line drawings from any 3D component or assembly, including direct support of CATIA v4 and PRO/E Wildfire parts and assemblies. This unique functionality almost entirely eliminates the laborious and time consuming task of generating production ready drawings manually. Our drawing tools will not only produce accurate 2D drawing views from 3D imported parts but provides support for the creation of auxiliary, detail, and section views.

Rendering and Animation
Use our photo realistic rendering and animation tools to help communicate and market your ideas. Create high resolution, poster size JPEG, BMP, or EPS files directly from Concepts Unlimited. Or create QuickTime VR animations using our fly by and walk through tools.

Share Data with MCAD/Enterprise Solutions
Unlike facetted based conceptual design packages, Concepts Unlimited uses a precise kernel that facilitates the sharing of data using SAT, IGES, STEP, CATIA V4, ProE, and DXF/DWG file formats.

Our top priority is to provide software that makes you more productive in the conceptual design phase of the product development cycle. We accomplish this by focusing on two key areas of the user experience, namely flexibility and speed.

Flexibility in the conceptual design phase is critical. To create a flexible environment we provide simple consistant tools that let you freely construct with 2D/3D wireframes, surfaces, solids, or use a combination of methods (hybrid modeling). This flexible environment is accomplished without entering special modes for drafting, part modeling, assembly, rendering, animation, or drawing composition. Concepts Unlimited provides one consistant environment for all your design needs.

The second critical component is speed. The fast demanding pace of conceptual design requires that the designer explore numerous trade studies in a short amount of time. To support this dynamic environment Concepts Unlimited incorporates design associativity. Design associativty transparently creates relationships between curves, surfaces, solids, and a variety of object dependent parameters. The relationships provide a means to quickly rebuild geometry when it comes time to explore new ideas. In addition, Concept Explorer displays a graphical representation of the relationships and provides tools for suppressing, replacing, removing, and adding geometry.

Lastly, the user experience is complimented with our innovative Snap Tool. The Snap Tool intelligently queries and displays relevant positions, centers, tangents, perpendiculars and alignments. The Snap Tool not only works on 2D curves, but surfaces and solids as well thus enabling ease of construction in 3D.

Download the data sheet for detailed technical information regarding Concepts Unlimited.


Concepts v4 (Universal Binary) Released

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